Adoration and the Struggle of Prayer

Surely one sign of hope of Eucharistic revival is the ever-increasing interest among U.S. Catholics in the practice and theology of Eucharistic adoration.[1. For the historical context of the practice of Eucharistic adoration outside of … [Read more...]

Why Did God Become Incarnate as a Man?

Seeking the answer to the question that is the title of this essay[1. I would like to thank Sr. Mary Ann Fatula, O.P., Professor Emerita at Ohio Dominican University, for her invaluable comments that helped to improve this essay. I would … [Read more...]

The Feast of Beholding Jesus

Liturgy is fleshy, concrete, material; it is the prayer of smoking resin, sloughing wax, swirling wine and water; it is the remembrance of God made man gutted on a Cross; it is the celebration of a grilled Lawrence, a gouged-eye Lucy, a Fr. … [Read more...]

Eucharistic Amazement

We speak of the Eucharist in two senses: the Mass and the Sacrament. The first is the re-offering of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The second is the Blessed Sacrament, which we adore in the tabernacle or monstrance, and receive in … [Read more...]

Changes to College Priestly Formation: A Defense

Belonging to a few online priest support groups, I have noticed a question gaining popularity: the value of the changes in priestly formation. The concern is focused on the perception that this change creates an additional year of … [Read more...]

The Exaltation of the Cross and the Restoration of Identity

The bronze serpent mounted on a pole in the Book of Numbers (21:9) is one of the Old Testament types cited by Jesus himself: “Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert, so the Son of Man must be lifted up.” (Jn 3:14) The original … [Read more...]

Are AI-Generated Homilies Suitable for the Edification and Flourishing of the Catholic Faithful?

Approach to the Subject Of late, many ethicists, computer scientists, and media experts have highlighted the emergence of data processing systems known as Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) not only because they promise a … [Read more...]

Three Catholic Preachers: Insights from Interviews with 43 Priests

If you ask laypeople why preaching in the Catholic Church is disappointing, they’ll usually give some variation on the answer, “Well, there’s a priest shortage, so priests are really busy, so they probably don’t have much time for preachi … [Read more...]

Review of Verbum 10

INTRODUCTION By Rev. John P. Cush, STD When I published my first book, The How-to-Book of Catholic Theology (Our Sunday Visitor Press, 2020), I was asked to schedule an interview with Mr. T.L. Putnam, who ran a weekly radio program … [Read more...]

Early Ratzinger on Revelation, Faith, and Tradition

A Refutation of Ormond Rush

Ormond Rush’s Interpretation of Early Ratzinger’s Commentary At the Synod on synodality, October 23, 2023, Australian theologian Fr. Ormond Rush gave a lecture on the early Joseph Ratzinger’s theology of revelation, faith, and tradition, in … [Read more...]

Can White Vestments Be Worn at All Times?

Go up to an average American Roman Catholic priest and ask them, “When can white vestments be worn?” and you will probably receive the answer, “Always.” It is commonly thought that white is the default color for vestments; however, a natural … [Read more...]

Teaching Theology to Gen Z

Three Lessons from Henri de Lubac

Each fall, as I prepare to stand before a classroom of undergraduates, required as they are to take my Introduction to Catholic Theology course, I reconsider how to teach the faith most effectively. This task has become more challenging … [Read more...]

Failure in the Christian Life

Pastoral Lessons from Dostoevsky’s Idiot and Endo’s Silence

Recent years have witnessed a burgeoning range of books, articles, and online publications dedicated to the problem of failure. Much of the material is aimed at helping leaders and professional groups deal with failure by using strategies … [Read more...]

Seven Characteristics of the Resurrection Appearances

The Resurrection is a central mystery of our Christian faith. Without the perspective of the resurrection, we lose sight of eternity and the life hereafter. Yet despite the centrality of this mystery, I wonder how many Christians could … [Read more...]

Saint Paul, Masculinity, and Priestly Identity

When speaking to his son, King David reminds Solomon what it takes to succeed as king: “I am about to go the way of all the earth. Be strong, be courageous [לְאִֽישׁ], and keep the charge of the Lord your God, walking in his ways and keeping … [Read more...]