Questions Answered

Questions Answered – July 2024

How Do Sacraments Work? Question from the Reader: What does sacramental causality mean? My parish priest mentioned this concept in our adult education class on the sacraments and never explained it. Can you help me understand it? Answer … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – June 2024

By Rev. John P. Cush, STD, consulting with Fr. Timothy Eck What Can Chalices Be Made Of? Question: My priest uses a Waterford Crystal Chalice and Paten for the celebration of Holy Mass. Is this permitted according to the 2002 General … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – May 2024

Farewell and Thanks to Fr. Mullady For many years, Fr. Brian Thomas Becket Mullady, O.P., has been the author of HPR’s “Question and Answers” column. Fr. Mullady entered the Dominican Order in 1966 and was ordained a priest in Oakland, Cali … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – April 2024

The Mission of the Family Question: The government seems to be usurping more and more of what are traditionally rights of the family. What is the Church’s teaching about this? Answer: The family has four dimensions which grow out of the … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – February 2024

Intentions in Jesus’ Moral Teaching Question: A Christian teacher states that the Sermon on the Mount contradicts the classic division of sin into mortal and venial. It does this by giving greater and greater punishment for lesser and l … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – January 2024

Examination of Conscience: Permissiveness vs. Scrupulosity Question: I was recently reading an examination of conscience for confession and it struck me that I must be guilty of every sin (at least as either mortal or venial). I asked the … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – December 2023

Christ’s Action in the Liturgy Question: The priest is said to act “in the person of Christ” during the Eucharist prayer. Is this true only at the words of institution or during the whole Mass? Answer: As a ritual, the Mass is heaven on … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – November 2023

The Place of Communion in the Mass Question: During the 40s and 50s, come Communion time at Mass, very few people walked up to the altar rails. Yesterday I read that one’s attendance at Mass is not complete without receiving the Eucharist ( … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – October 2023

The Reasons for Marian Devotion Question: Would Fr. Mullady please explain the Church’s emphasis on Mary? Since the answer could be lengthy, recommending a few core texts would be very helpful. It seems that Marian devotion is a wonderful g … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – September 2023

What American Education Lost Question: What is the bottom line in the almost universal rejection of objective truth in American education today? Answer: This problem is twofold. One is the destruction of Western Civilization. The other … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – August 2023

Question: Does an erroneous conscience bind a person to act since it does not correspond to reality? The most difficult problem in contemporary morals is not the doubtful conscience, but—given the tendency in the subjectivism of the p … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – July 2023

When Conscience Is Mistaken Question: Much has been made of the primacy of conscience today in morals. Even some bishops have claimed that as long as a subject is following their conscience, the Church must support their decision no matter … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – June 2023

Church Teaching on Living Wills Question: Many states are encouraging living wills to settle end of life decisions. Is this wise? What is the teaching of the Church on this subject? Answer: The Church is enthusiastic to promote the … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – May 2023

Guilt in the Spiritual Life Question: Can you explain guilt to me? Is it good or bad for the soul? Answer: To understand the place of guilt, it is necessary to recall that every moral act involves three powers of the soul: the … [Read more...]