An Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church

The following letter was sent in by a reader in response to several articles on HPR, like "Sacrificing Priests on the Altar of Insurance" and "Accusations against Priests: The Need for More Justice and Psychological Science". As with all … [Read more...]

Thanks from the Phillipines

Thank you very much for your much appreciated help to is priests in the busy parishes! More power to your Media Apostolate! Msgr. Felicito C Sison Archdiocese of San Fernando Pampanga Philippines … [Read more...]

Euthanasia for children in Belgium‏

Dear Homiletic & Pastoral Review, It is with great distress that as an American living in Texas, I recently learned of the 86-44 vote by Belgium House of Representatives to allow euthanasia for children. As a Christian I couldn't … [Read more...]

Letter on Students and Fatherhood

With a new school year upon us, I am reminded of all the school years that have come and gone.  Our students graduate, discern, move on. Yet, I remain with memories as the only yield from this field of fond faces which by God’s graces with m … [Read more...]

The Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine

Books available on St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentaries on Apostles John, Paul, and Matthew

Some years ago, a group of theologians at Wyoming Catholic College came together to establish The Aquinas Institute for the Study of Sacred Doctrine. By now you may already know about the ambitious project that our Institute has launched … [Read more...]

Some Comments on the 2012 Democratic National Platform

The Obama administration has been pursuing a policy that in my opinion, and that of others, amounts to a type of persecution of Catholicism: forcing Catholic institutions to pay for, what from their perspective, are immoral insurance … [Read more...]

Thank you, Fr. Berg!

Hello, Thank you for the article entitled "What is Moral Conscience?" (January 2012), written by Fr. Thomas Berg, Ph.D.  I have read it a few times, at least, and continue to review it to understand a difficult topic, which I have needed to … [Read more...]

Letter to the editor

Thank you, HPR! Thank you for your most excellent publication.  There are few sources of such well diversified and timely theological topics in article form.  I look forward to receiving each new announcement by email.  God love you, bl … [Read more...]

Letters from our readers

Thank you. HPR is great! It will get a "hit" from me every day!! All of you at HPR are in my daily prayers. I give thanks for your vocations; we need all of you so much in these times... Take care. Love in Christ, Jane Stetz, … [Read more...]

Letters from our readers

It is with sadness that I read the online version of the August 2010 editorial in HPR. I understand that the Church can't change her teaching in order to comfort post-abortive parents but, since I fit into that category, and since we … [Read more...]

Letters from our readers

First of all, let me say that I am very capable of misreading and misunderstanding things that I read. I believe we all do, to a certain extent, as we tend to interpret the written word “to our own image and likeness.” Regarding the … [Read more...]

Letters from our readers

Any homiletic programs for high school chaplains?

Do you know of any homiletic programs being offered for priests who are assigned as chaplains to Catholic high schools? It seems the priests are well-trained in their theology, but how to make it relevant to high school students is another … [Read more...]

Letters from our readers

The new translation is clumsy, stilted, unprayable

Fr. Albright's article goes on and on about the theology of the Eucharist with eclectic citations from documents of Vatican II, Liturgicam Authenticam, etc... and never once addresses the liturgical elephant in the sanctuary: the new … [Read more...]

Letters from our readers

January 2012

Responding to articles on issue of salvation for unbaptized infants by Pugh and Hildebrand Editor: Two articles in your November 2011 issue involve the eternal destiny of infants dying without baptism: “The generational healing of m … [Read more...]

Letters from our readers

March 2011

The two hearts of Mary and Jesus, and Lectio Divina Editor: Blessings galore! Fr. Dwight Cam­pbell’s meditation (“Jesus living in Mary and the union of their two hearts,” Dec­ember 2010) is marvelous. I’ve a friend with whom I have … [Read more...]