The Homiletic & Pastoral Review accepts submissions with the following guidelines:

  1. Length of featured articles: minimum of 1,500 words and maximum of 5,000 words including notes, which should be at the end of the article (endnotes), not at the bottom of the page (footnotes). Book reviews are also welcome, and, depending on the importance of the book, a review can run between 500 and 1,500 words. (See our Books Received page for available titles.)
  2. Please do not submit copyrighted material. If the material has already appeared online elsewhere, please ensure that permission is given to re-publish from the original source.
  3. We reserve the right to edit work for publication. However, it is best that the author reviews his or her work thoroughly before sending it, checking for typos, incomplete sentences, incorrect grammar and punctuation, incorrect endnote style, missing or incorrect attribution for quotations, and readability. Please remember to put your full name on the article under the title! In some cases, articles will be returned to the author for corrections. The less the editors have to correct, the sooner you will see it online.
  4. The article should be typed and double-spaced in Times New Roman typeface, font size 12, in a WORD document. Please do not send your article in PDF format. It will be returned to you!
  5. Audience: the author should remember that he or she is writing primarily for priests and deacons, since HPR is a pastoral magazine for the Catholic clergy; highly technical articles on abstruse points, with lots of notes, will not be accepted–our goal is to help busy priests, not scholars.
  6. We accept articles on any aspect of Catholic faith and culture, but they must be in conformity with Catholic doctrine and morals.
  7. Articles should be emailed to the editorial staff at, which will make the decision on acceptance of all submissions to the magazine.

If your article is accepted: Please email us a brief bio (see examples of other authors’ bios under their online articles) and a “head and shoulders” photo.

We cannot give you an exact date for the online publication of your article. Unlike a print magazine, we do not schedule each article to appear on a certain date. Your article will go online as soon as we can get to it, unless it concerns a certain feast day, upcoming holiday, or is tied to recent news or events.