Interior Peace, a Critical Capability

The theories of Carl Von Clausewitz, former Prussian General Officer, on military strategy are used today by many of the world’s leading military powers. Clausewitz stated that military operations are supported by critical capabilities. A c … [Read more...]

Russia and Peace

Russia has started a war against Ukraine. China appears to be posturing to attack Taiwan. North Korea is threatening South Korea and the United States with nuclear weapons. Iran is striving to attain nuclear weapons. And there is a war … [Read more...]

Book Reviews – May 2023

Joseph Ratzinger and the Healing of the Reformation-Era Divisions. Ed. by Emery De Gaál and Matthew Levering. Reviewed by M. Ciftci. (skip to review) Benedict XVI: Servant of Love. By Bénedicte Delelis. Reviewed by Christopher Siuzdak. (s … [Read more...]

Anger Reconsidered

Note: This essay first appeared on the Christ-Animated Learning Blog with Christian Scholar’s Review. The Prince of Peace said, “I have not come to bring peace, but a sword” (Mt 10:34). Amid the ubiquitous anger of present America, espec … [Read more...]