Believing in the Justice of the Cross: Jesus Christ as the Alpha and Omega of Faith

Adhering with love to the Lord, Victim and Priest, Obedient and Merciful, we embrace him in the real and veiled presence of the broken Bread, and we celebrate the victory against evil, sin, and death.   This essay focuses on the … [Read more...]

The sacrament of baptism as a participation in the death of Christ

To be baptized in Christ is to be baptized into his death as well as his Resurrection.

The Easter season is ultimately a time for rebirth, expressed most dramatically at the Easter Vigil by the life-giving waters of baptism. To impart new life, however, baptism must destroy the old life of sin and our fallen aversions to … [Read more...]

Jesus Christ is from above

Editorial, December 2010

Romano Guardini was one of the great Catholic thinkers of the twentieth century. He is perhaps best known for his penetrating analysis of Jesus in his book called The Lord, which first appeared in 1937. Recently I read an article entitled … [Read more...]

The Pope Points to Jesus

On the Way to Jesus Christ. By Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) (Ignatius Press, P.O. Box 1339, Ft. Collins, Colo. 80522. 2005), 169 pp. PB $19.95.

The articles gathered together in this book were written or given as lectures by Cardinal Ratzinger a few years before he became Pope Benedict XVI. So this is a collection of articles rather than a book on the topic of the Person of Jesus … [Read more...]

A New View of Sacrifice

THE HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS. A Search for an Acceptable Notion of Sacrifice. By Michael McGuckian, S.J. (Liturgy Training Publications/Hillenbrand Books, 1800 North Hermitage Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60622, 2005), x + 134 pp. PB $12.95.

According to the New Testament, especially in Ephesians and Hebrews, the death of Jesus on the Cross on Calvary was a sacrifice to God the Father made by Jesus Christ, the God-Man, in reparation for sin and the salvation of those who would … [Read more...]

Theologically Informed Movie

THE THEOLOGY OF THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, by Monica Migliorino Miller. New York: Alba House2187 Victory Blvd., Staten Island NY 10314, 2005. 170 pages, $14.95.

The film The Passion of the Christ has been lauded as the most theologically informed movie about Christ ever made. Unlike many other films drawn from the Gospels, it utilizes images, gestures and actions, which serve as commentary on the … [Read more...]

The Mystery of the Eucharist

WEDDING FEAST OF THE LAMB. Eucharistic Theology from a Historical, Biblical, and Systematic Perspective. By Roch A. Kereszty (Liturgy Training Publications, 1800 North Hermitage Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60622, 2004), 270 pp. HB $35.00.

Since Pope John Paul II has declared 2005 to be the year of the Holy Eucharist, this new book by Fr. Kereszty will help its readers to enter into the spirit of the celebration and also to understand better the theology and liturgy of the … [Read more...]

Our Passover Eucharist

On Good Friday Jesus offered on the Cross the one sacrifice which is the root of every ritual and of all Christian religion.

Our Lord did not give his Eucharist to the disciples in a lonely place one day during their Galilean wanderings, as he delivered many of his other teachings. He did not speak about it in the Temple court, or in his sermon on the mount. He … [Read more...]

A Scriptural Litany

LORD, WHO ARE YOU? THE NAMES OF CHRIST. By Jorge Cardinal Medina Estévez (Ignatius Press, PO Box 1339, Ft. Collins, Co., 80522, 2004) 157 pp. PB $11.95.

Cardinal Medina Estévez devotes over thirty brief but insightful chapters to the names given to Jesus Christ in the Old and New Testaments, discussing the attributes associated with each of these divine appellations. Resembling in format … [Read more...]