Joseph Keith Woodard, PhD

About Joseph Keith Woodard, PhD

Joseph Keith Woodard, PhD, is a Citizenship Judge in Calgary, Canada. He earned degrees at the University of Alberta, Dalhousie University, St. John's College, and Claremont Graduate School. He taught at too many universities to mention here; he was the religion editor at Western Report and Calgary Herald; and he has one wife, three sons, and seven daughters.

In Defense of the Sabbath – and the Pharisees

One of the many mysteries in the New Testament is the reaction of the Pharisees, when Jesus of Nazareth restores a man’s withered hand on the Sabbath. This was in the first year of his miracle-packed ministry in Galilee, but he had already g … [Read more...]

In the Fullness of Time: The Fullness of Family

The incident related in the Gospel of Luke, celebrated as the “Finding in the Temple,” has always been troubling. It’s the one and only glimpse we’re given into the “secret life” of the Holy Family. Earlier, we see baby Jesus with Simeon and … [Read more...]