Dr. Wanda Skowronska, PhD

About Dr. Wanda Skowronska, PhD

Wanda Skowronska is an educational psychologist, living and working in Sydney, Australia. She has done pro-life counselling for Family Life International, and regularly writes for the Catholic journal, Annals. She completed a PhD at the John Paul II Institute in Melbourne, Australia, in 2011, and is currently working on a book on Catholic involvement in early modern psychology.

So You Think You Understand Mercy?

From the time it was announced, Catholics welcomed the year of Jubilee, the year of Mercy, with open hearts. We recall Pope Francis saying in Misericordiae Vultus (2015) that mercy “reveals the very mystery of the Most Holy Trinity” and is t … [Read more...]

Mythbuster Extraordinaire: How Benedict Tackled False Christologies

Christians sense there is something radically wrong in trying to put Christ into strange molds, where long-held Christian beliefs about Christ are attacked from all sides. As Benedict stated in his Dunwoodie address to seminarians, to see … [Read more...]

Remembering Who We Are: Recovering from Cultural Amnesia.

The western loss of the larger and smaller narratives which depicted the horizons of life, is a loss of memory on a grand scale, a sign of some deep disorder for those who see it. Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus, Western Civilization … [Read more...]