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Homilies for September 2023

For September 3, September 10, September 17, and September 24 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 3, 2023 Readings: Jer 20:7–9 • Ps 63:2, 3–4, 5–6, 8–9 • Rom 12:1–2 • Mt 16:21–27 … [Read more...]

The Work of Catechesis for Priests and Deacons

Foreword by Rev. John P. Cush: “HPR Ressourcement, Part II” As you, as our faithful reader (or even new reader!) might know, this journal, now known as Homiletic and Pastoral Review, was founded over 123 years ago. When I think about the pr … [Read more...]

Healed, Mystic, Teacher: Seminary Spiritual Formation

Go to Part I “Spiritual formation is directed at nourishing and sustaining communion with God . . . This intimate relationship forms the heart of the seminarian in that sacrificial love that marks the beginning of pastoral charity.”[1. Na … [Read more...]

Preachers of the ERD

Deacons must be comfortable with proclaiming the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services. The wisdom of the ERD is not commonly shared with Catholics in the pews. The United States Conference of Catholic … [Read more...]

He Who Hears You, Hears Me

Upon commissioning the preaching of the Gospel, our good Lord said to His Apostles, “He who hears you hears me.” (Luke 10:16, RSV) These words the Catholic bishops applied to themselves: “This sacred Council teaches that the bishops, from di … [Read more...]

“I am the Truth”: Brief Catholic Ponderings on Truth

In a well-known passage, Jesus proclaims, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.” (Jn 14:6a) As with all the seven “I am” sayings recorded in John’s Gospel, Jesus here is making a claim regarding His divinity. Indeed, three individual c … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – September 2023

What American Education Lost Question: What is the bottom line in the almost universal rejection of objective truth in American education today? Answer: This problem is twofold. One is the destruction of Western Civilization. The other … [Read more...]

Book Reviews – September 2023

Torture and Eucharist: Theology, Politics and the Body of Christ. By William T. Cavanaugh. Reviewed by Rev. John P. Cush, STD. (skip to review) Passions of the Christ: The Emotional Life of Jesus in the Gospels. By F. Scott Spencer. R … [Read more...]