Theologically Informed Movie

The film The Passion of the Christ has been lauded as the most theologically informed movie about Christ ever made. Unlike many other films drawn from the Gospels, it utilizes images, gestures and actions, which serve as commentary on the … [Read more...]

Mariology as “Theological Synthesis”

Written in commemoration of the 150 th anniversary of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception (1854-2004), Fr. Paul Haffner, Professor of Theology at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome, has authored a comprehensive work in … [Read more...]

The Meaning of Dogma

“If the average man is going to be interested in Christ at all, it is the dogma that will provide the interest. The trouble is that, in nine cases out of ten, he has never been offered the dogma.” — Dorothy Sayers, “Creed or … [Read more...]

Is Christianity a Comfortable Religion?

“Make sure that no one traps you and deprives you of your freedom by some second-hand philosophy based on the principles of this world instead of on Christ.” —Colossians, 2, 8. “Jesus’ mission concerns all humanity. Therefore, … [Read more...]

True freedom is interior

Freedom is what makes man to be man. Freedom is what distinguishes man from the rest of visible reality—sun, moon, stars, elements, plants and animals. On the natural level, freedom is man’s greatest gift or quality. What is freedom? … [Read more...]

Reading Genesis with Cardinal Ratzinger

How is a Catholic supposed to read the first chapter of Genesis that details the six days of creation? In a lecture entitled, “Restoration of Traditional Catholic Theology on Origins,” given at the First International Catholic Symposium … [Read more...]

Our Passover Eucharist

Our Lord did not give his Eucharist to the disciples in a lonely place one day during their Galilean wanderings, as he delivered many of his other teachings. He did not speak about it in the Temple court, or in his sermon on the mount. He … [Read more...]

Genesis 1: A Cosmogenesis?

Genesis 1 is the most newsworthy chapter in the Bible. There can never be more fundamental news than that all depends on God because he made all, indeed the all, or the universe. This news did not come from any of the sages of ancient … [Read more...]

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