Joel R. Gallagher

About Joel R. Gallagher

Joel R. Gallagher is a doctoral candidate in systematic theology at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. He taught courses at the Catholic University of America and Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore, MD. He is currently working on a series of articles on the mysteries of the life of Christ according to the theology of Thomas Aquinas. His most recent articles are “The Gethsemane Event According to Thomas Aquinas” (Angelicum) and “Christus Victor Motifs and Christ’s Temptations in the Soteriology of Thomas Aquinas” (New Blackfriars). He is married and has two daughters.

Benedict XVI and the Absence of God

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s extraordinary letter on the sexual-abuse crisis in the Church generated expected, imprudent mixed reactions in the media and on social media. Almost immediately, some media organizations ran headlines that c … [Read more...]