Thomas W. Jodziewicz

About Thomas W. Jodziewicz

Dr. Thomas W. Jodziewicz is a professor of history at the University of Dallas. He received his academic degrees in history from Providence College (AB), Tufts University (MA), and the College of William and Mary (PhD). He has served as the department of history's chairman (1991-2009), and as president of the Texas Catholic History Society (2004-2008, 2012-2014). He initiated the Fides et Ratio faculty conversation on the Catholic intellectual tradition (2006- to the present). His research interests include American history, and history of the Catholic Church.

Four Rocks in a Garden

In the garden are four small rocks, each inscribed with a capitalized word:  BELIEVE, HOPE, TRUST, WAIT ... If the small garden ... can imaginatively serve to suggest the divine “grandeur”; how might one order the realities represented by th … [Read more...]