James Iovino

About James Iovino

James Iovino is working on an MA in theology with a concentration in apologetics at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, in Cromwell, Connecticut. He has Masters degrees in medieval history from the University of Oxford, and the University of St. Andrews. He and his wife Trina have two daughters.

Reclaiming the Fifth Way

“New Atheists” such as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris utilize evolution’s supposed purposelessness to cast doubt upon God’s existence, and draw atheistic conclusions about morality, ethics, and human nature.[1. See, for exam … [Read more...]

Catechetical and Pastoral Emphasis in the Apologetics of Frank Sheed

Vatican II calls the laity to take a more active role in not just the worshipping life of the Church, but the teaching life, too. While Sheed agrees  ... we evangelize best principally through a pastorally oriented and properly formed … [Read more...]