Dr. Christopher J. Malloy

About Dr. Christopher J. Malloy

Dr. Christopher J. Malloy is associate professor of theology at The University of Dallas. He earned a PhD in theology at The Catholic University of America in 2001. He has published one book, Engrafted into Christ: A Critique of the Joint Declaration, and eight articles and chapters. His research areas are Theological Anthropology and Trinitarian Theology in a Thomistic key.

Catholic Ecumenism: Towards an Integration of Faith, Hope, and Charity

The purpose of this one Church is to bring about the supernatural communion of all humanity together in the Spirit, under Christ as head, giving praise to the Father.  Popes Pius XI, Pius XII, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Pope F … [Read more...]

Eschatology and Eucharistic Adoration

...certain “liturgists” and “theologians” ... stamp (Eucharistic Adoration) as mere “private devotion.” In fact, in its complete form, from exposition to benediction, it is a liturgical event. ...it has a long, and shall enjoy an everlasting … [Read more...]