Rev. William J. Nessel, OSFS

About Rev. William J. Nessel, OSFS

Rev. William J. Nessel, OSFS, received a BA in philosphy, an MA in political science, and a JCD degree all from Catholic University of America, as well as a MDiv from St Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. He was director of personnel, planning and continuing education for the Oblates of St. Francis De Sales, Wilmington, Delaware. He was teacher and director of summer sessions at De Sales University, Center Valley, Pennsylvania. Fr. Nessel was the founding pastor of St. Francis de Sales Church, Robesonia, Pennsylvania. He was pastor of Sacred Heart Church, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, as well as founding pastor of St. George Church where he served for 16 years. He retired from pastoral work in 2004, and is currently national assistant director of the Secular Institute of St. Francis de Sales in the U.S.A., and assist at St. Leo's Church, Archdiocese of Philadelphia He has written four books, and published over 40 articles, in addition to many book reviews. HPR has published two articles since his retirement, and many before that, beginning in the 1960s. He has held many offices, served on many boards and engaged in other ministries over the years.

Salesian Reflections on Divine Mercy

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Let More Sunshine in Your Life

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Lenten Reflections: Patience

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