Fr. Andreas Hoeck, SSD

About Fr. Andreas Hoeck, SSD

Andreas Hoeck, born 1964 in Cologne/Germany, studied Philosophy, Theology, and Exegesis in Bonn/Germany, Anápolis/Brazil, Rome, and Jerusalem. After his priest ordination in 1992 he earned his doctorate at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome in 2002. Member of the clergy of the Archdiocese of Denver in Colorado, he has served as the Academic Dean at Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary from 2010 till 2015. After a Sabbatical, he has resumed his full time position of Seminary teaching as an Associate Professor in the spring of 2016. Fr. Hoeck has contributed to the field of Scriptural Exegesis by publishing books and articles, both in scholarly periodicals, as well as in popular journals. His field of specialized research is the New Testament literature of Saints John and Paul.

Wilderness versus Pseudo-Paradise

A Reflection on the Church in Revelation, 12:13-17

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God’s Armor versus the Devil’s Stratagems

Spiritual Combat Revisited

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Holy Communion: Sharing in the Threefold Munus of the Divine Gladiator

The Church early on espoused munus to designate the triple character or office of the God-Man, Jesus Christ: he is at the same time Priest, Prophet and King or Shepherd. Gladiators fighting to the death; Christ's glorious resurrection … [Read more...]

“Never let me be parted from you”

Some Thoughts on the Integrity of the Priestly State of Life

The Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, is the same Spirit that fills the heart and mind of a good priest, vivifying his mortal body. Priests acting in that Spirit are seeking the advancement of the Kingdom, and will accomplish it. … [Read more...]