Dr. Joshua Madden

About Dr. Joshua Madden

Dr. Joshua Madden is the Assistant Program Director for the John Paul II Project, and will begin teaching at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, Poland, as a visiting scholar in the Fall of 2019. His work has appeared in numerous scholarly journals, and he is the author of the first modern translation of Thomas Aquinas's Commentary on Isaiah.

Patristic Ressourcement in the Theology of the Priesthood

I. Introduction Recent years have seen a significant shift in how the people of God — both priests and lay faithful — have come to view the sacrament of holy orders, as well as the baptismal character of the common priesthood of all Chr … [Read more...]

The Sacraments as True Causes of Grace: An Ecumenical Obstacle

If the Church can be accused of anything at all, (it is that) she attributes too much power to God, for it is only she who proclaims to the world that God is so powerful that he takes up creation and uses it to bring about that which he … [Read more...]