Fr. Joseph Scolaro

About Fr. Joseph Scolaro

Fr. Joseph Scolaro is a priest of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York. He was ordained in June of 2014 and is associate pastor of St. Joseph's Parish in Garden City.

Homilies for February 2015

Homilies for Sunday Liturgies and Holy Days, February 2015

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time—February 1, 2015 True Authority Purpose: In a world which struggles with authority, as people of faith, we know that Christ is the true model of authority. Calling for us to have faith in him, he reveals … [Read more...]

The Priesthood as Consecration

Looking at the priesthood in the modern world, particularly through the lens of consecration, requires an initial reexamination of terms.  Through time and the development of thought, concepts such as "the sacred" and "consecration" can … [Read more...]