Fr. Zbigniew Tyburski, PhD

About Fr. Zbigniew Tyburski, PhD

Fr. Zbigniew Tyburski, PhD, is a priest of the Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey, and an adjunct professor of the Catholic Social Teachings of Blessed John Paul II, at Seton Hall University.

Toward Evangelization of Creators of the Christian Culture

Saint John Paul II, during his pontificate of nearly twenty-seven years, had two main streams of thought. They can be characterized as the preservation of the Christian heritage and the transformation of contemporary secular culture through … [Read more...]

John Paul II Brightens the Earth with His Holiness and Truth

Engaged so deeply in earthly human affairs and believing in each persons’ goodness, John Paul seems to be calling us from heaven with a special request for solidarity of those who live on earth, and those living, though yet unborn. … [Read more...]