Fr. John Nepil

About Fr. John Nepil

Father John Nepil grew up in Chicago just long enough to be a Cubs fan before moving to Denver, Colorado, his home of the last 22 years. A lapsed Catholic by middle school, he led a zealous pagan lifestyle in high school, which abruptly ended his senior year with a re-conversion to the faith. A year later, he was in seminary and after a nine-year haul through formation, a Catholic priest for the Archdiocese of Denver. After four years of college and parish ministry, he is now pursuing graduate theological studies in Rome. His greatest joy is when the Colorado backcountry becomes the pastoral setting of his priestly life.

Recovering Our Bearings

The Role of the Common Life in the Rebuilding of Priestly Fraternity

Many priests consume themselves in work, but become alone and lose their bearings. It is thus all the more important that the unity of the presbyterate is lived and experienced. Support everything which strengthens priests to encounter and … [Read more...]