Fr. Charles Klamut

About Fr. Charles Klamut

Fr. Charles Klamut is a priest for the Diocese of Peoria ordained in 1999. He has served as high school and college chaplain as well as pastor. He is currently pastor of St. Ambrose in Milan, IL, and St. Patrick in Andalusia, IL. He has a podcast, PastoralQuotient, available on iTunes and Soundcloud. He is also a songwriter and musician with several albums released.

Beauty: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

Just when I am about to succumb to the sadness and living death of nihilism, some piercing ray of beauty breaks open my heart, and the breath of possibility returns. I recently visited the Botanical Garden in St Louis.  Amid the sights … [Read more...]

Homilies for October 2012

For Sunday Liturgies and Feasts Homilies for October 2012 Christ Consolator by Carl Bloch Spousal Love Purpose: God gave the human race the sacrament of matrimony, “as the one blessing that was not forfeited by original sin or washed a … [Read more...]

The Vocation To Life

Like the apostles, I first said “yes” to Christ because of the total answer he provided for my human need, and only within this context did a specific vocation to serve as a priest gradually begin to reveal itself.    Christ calling the … [Read more...]