Fr. Charles Kestermeier, SJ

About Fr. Charles Kestermeier, SJ

Fr. Charles Kestermeier, S.J., received his doctorate in French literature at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and, since then, has been teaching English at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

A Silence about Mary

Mary is very central to the Gospel’s infancy narratives, but after Cana she almost disappears: we see her in the “Who are my mother and my brothers and my sisters?” passage, at the foot of the cross, and as being present at the Pentecost eve … [Read more...]

The Giver and the Gift

God is himself the first, and absolutely the most important gift that God gives to us, which implies a second gift: God gives us our very selves. One thing that people seem to do in all cultures is to give gifts, and this is always … [Read more...]