Dr. Eric M. Johnston, PhD

About Dr. Eric M. Johnston, PhD

Eric M. Johnston is an assistant professor of undergraduate theology at Immaculate Conception Seminary at Seton Hall University, and a father of five. He has published in The Thomist, Nova et Vetera, and Crisis. His research focuses on Thomas Aquinas' approach to nature and grace, marriage, political philosophy, and spirituality. He writes on spirituality at ProfessorJohnston.com.

Grace and Reason According to St. Paul and St. Thomas

...the world we live in is overwhelmingly irrational. Our popular discourse doesn’t make any sense at all. As Catholics, we need to understand what our faith teaches about this irrationality. We need to look to Scripture and t … [Read more...]

Combating the Contraceptive Understanding of Celibacy

On the one hand, we must appreciate how sex is holy. It might be good to say “holy” instead of “good.” Ironically, the idea that celibacy is a sacrifice treats sex as a good in the same way that a candy bar is a good. But this view belongs t … [Read more...]