Daniel M. Garland, Jr.

About Daniel M. Garland, Jr.

Daniel M. Garland, Jr., is a PhD student in systematic theology at Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida. His articles have appeared in Homiletic & Pastoral Review as well the Maynooth Theological Journal and the Heythrop Journal.

The Providence of God and the Cross of Christ

When one examines the mystery of divine providence, and its relation to the cross of Christ from the viewpoint of wisdom, which is knowledge of divine things, he sees God’s wonderful plan of redemption for his creatures. Crucifixion is t … [Read more...]

Obstacles to Reading Scripture in Modernity: Von Balthasar’s Response

Hans Urs von Balthasar’s theological aesthetics {are} a remedy for the breakdown in modern biblical exegesis and the groundwork of an approach to revelation that allows the glory of God to show forth in all of its splendor. In the first b … [Read more...]