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Homilies for December 2023

For the First Sunday, Second Sunday, Third Sunday, and Fourth Sunday of Advent, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the Nativity of the Lord (the Vigil and the Day), and the Feast of the Holy Family First Sunday of Advent – D … [Read more...]

Military Zeal in the Priesthood

What Priests Can Learn from the Ukrainian Military

The United States military is not tactically nor morally perfect. Yet it is rightly known to be one of the strongest forces in the world. Its ability to respond to global threats within hours and display impressive power makes it ready to … [Read more...]

Russia and Peace

Russia has started a war against Ukraine. China appears to be posturing to attack Taiwan. North Korea is threatening South Korea and the United States with nuclear weapons. Iran is striving to attain nuclear weapons. And there is a war … [Read more...]

Theology of Suffering and the New Evangelization

In August of 2022, Bishop Robert Barron took part in an interview with the actor Shia LaBeouf to discuss his conversion to the Catholic faith. LaBeouf’s conversion was influenced in part by his being cast to portray Padre Pio in a movie by A … [Read more...]

The Ineffability of the Mystical Body of Christ

The Church was established by Christ as an extension and continuation of his incarnation and his mission. Just as a natural body is formed of different organs and systems, each with their own function, so is the Church bound together by a … [Read more...]

Advent and Eschaton

Advent is profoundly eschatological, a reality that grows more apparent as the season reaches its climax. In these days, Holy Mother Church considers Jesus Christ as the Approaching One, who brings into the middle of time not only the … [Read more...]

Questions Answered – December 2023

Christ’s Action in the Liturgy Question: The priest is said to act “in the person of Christ” during the Eucharist prayer. Is this true only at the words of institution or during the whole Mass? Answer: As a ritual, the Mass is heaven on … [Read more...]

Book Reviews – December 2023

Politics After Christendom: Political Theology in a Fractured World. By David VanDrunen. Reviewed by M. Ciftci. (skip to review) Pondering the Permanent Things: Reflections on Faith, Art, and Culture. By Thomas Howard. Reviewed by S.E. … [Read more...]