Military Zeal in the Priesthood

What Priests Can Learn from the Ukrainian Military

The United States military is not tactically nor morally perfect. Yet it is rightly known to be one of the strongest forces in the world. Its ability to respond to global threats within hours and display impressive power makes it ready to … [Read more...]

A Renewed Look at Pastoral Freedom Concerning COVID-19

Refocusing the United States on the Light of Christ

Many states are opening up, no longer mandating face masks for its citizens. Many people may think that this goes against charity or Church teachings. But freedom is aligned with charity, so we can be okay with getting away from focus on … [Read more...]

Finding Jesus in the Catholic Church

Our mission (as Church) is to bring about that meeting that can change lives, that can make disciples.  Then, as a loving mother Church, we are to nurture and guide those disciples into fruitful holiness in Christ. Christ Healing the B … [Read more...]