Rev. Michael P. Orsi

About Rev. Michael P. Orsi

Reverend Michael P. Orsi, a priest of the Diocese of Camden, NJ, is the author of four books and many articles. He has served as assistant chancellor and director of the Family Life Bureau. Father Orsi has a PhD in education from Fordham University. He is presently serving as chaplain and research fellow in law and religion at Ave Maria School of Law, Naples, Florida.

Challenging Islam

Today, we face a political/religious challenge, Islam, in which, avoiding hard truths, exposes us to a real and present danger. I am not disposed toward the soothingly facile idea embodied in the popular expression, “Let’s agree to disa … [Read more...]

Calumny in the Blogosphere

Calumnious blogging is a serious offense against God's law. Those who engage in it are jeopardizing their immortal souls and the souls of others.

Calumny is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary (1992) as a “false statement maliciously made to injure another’s reputation.” The Catechism of the Catholic Church (1994) places calumny as a serious sin under the Eighth Commandment, “ … [Read more...]