Raymond F. Hain III

About Raymond F. Hain III

Ray Hain is a retired engineer which keeps him reading about science and engineering topics; and he is a retired Air Force officer. He has developed, over the years, an interest in the philosophy of science and, thus, has finished an MA in philosophy from Holy Apostles College and Seminary. He lectures at the University of Delaware's Osher Life-Long Learning Center on the History of Medieval Science and Technology, and on the Shroud of Turin, as well as several other topics.

The Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin was on public display from April 19, 2015 through June 24, 2015 in the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Turin, Italy. More than two million visitors came to Turin from around the world to view the Shroud. “Some say t … [Read more...]

Does Religion Have An Essential Place in Political Society?

It is often said that religion should be a private affair. I have been told this while I was still working. It shows a distinct ignorance of the basis of religion itself. Religion is not meant to be private. It never was. Christianity, … [Read more...]