Philip Rafferty

About Philip Rafferty

Philip A. Rafferty is a self-employed criminal lawyer in the State of California, practicing from 1975 to the present, specializing in DUI law and criminal appellate work. He received a BA in philosophy and a minor in English in 1970 at Loyola University in Chicago. Rafferty obtained a law degree from Southwestern University's School of Law in 1974. He has worked in private criminal practice for over forty years, including extensive appellate and trial work. Additional specialized experience include DUI law and DMV License Suspension law. He has appeared before the California Supreme Court, the California Court of Appeals, and the Federal District Court of Appeals. He has written three books: A Silver Bullet for Roe v. Wade: Unraveling the Fabric of America (Tate Publishing, 2012); What's Really Going On With Pro-Roe v. Wade Catholic Politicians (Tate Publications, 2011); Roe v. Wade: The Birth of a Constitutional Right (U.M.I., 1992). He also wrote an article for an online law journal: "Roe v. Wade: A Scandal Upon the Court", Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion (2006). He has also written several articles for the Los Angeles Journal's "Forum and Focus" section.

A Due-Process Compliant Pathway to Restore Constitutional Fetal Personhood and Reverse Roe v. Wade

“The power of the modern state {including one of its arms, such as its highest court} makes it possible for it to turn lies into truth by destroying the facts which existed before, and by making new realities to form what until then had b … [Read more...]