About J. Merrill

J. Merrill was once a sullen teenager who was dragged by his mother into Mass every Sunday. He returned to the faith last year, after falling away from the Church and behaving extremely badly for almost two decades. He's grateful to a priest who, through great effort, cast a little bit of leaven into him a long time ago, but who, in this life, never got to see it grow into anything. That's a debt J. can't pay back, but reader, if you can spare some prayers for the repose of the soul of Father Erwin Schweigardt, formerly of the Diocese of Albany, J. would be grateful.

Love for Liturgy, Love for the Church: An Ongoing Dialogue

Editor’s Note: Due to the high interest and lively discussion prompted by Fr. Robert McTeigue’s recent article, “What Many Priests No Longer Believe,” the following two responses have been published to offer additional viewpoints on the chal … [Read more...]