Matthew Gonzalez

About Matthew Gonzalez

Matthew Gonzalez is a seminarian at Immaculate Conception Seminary in South Orange, New Jersey. He holds a BA in Catholic Theology from Seton Hall University and is currently pursuing an MDiv and an MA in Systematic Theology.

Discovering the Pearl of Great Price

Ratzinger on Relativism in the West

In the wake of a progressively globalized society, namely, the integration of the various cultures, markets, and political convictions, the world faces the question of determining a principle constituent of unification.[1. Joseph Ratzinger, … [Read more...]

The Book of Jonah

On Repentance, Mission, and Compassion

Of the twelve minor prophets, the book that has been consistently pondered and examined with much fascination is the Book of Jonah. This is attributed to its mythical imagery, which illustrates the prophet’s journey to the land of Nineveh. U … [Read more...]