Fr. James M. Gibson, CR

About Fr. James M. Gibson, CR

Rev. James M. Gibson, CR, was ordained in 1979 in Chicago. After many years in parish ministry among Spanish-speaking communities, including nine years in Oaxaca, Mexico. He received a licentiate degree in spiritual theology from the Gregorian University in Rome. He presently serves as secretary general of the Congregation of the Resurrection in Rome.

The Power and Powerlessness of Mercy

In seeking to appreciate as well as to imitate the mercy of God—which the Church proclaims in a special way in this Jubilee Year—a concept of “power” would seem, if not contradictory, at least not helpful for our spiritual journey. When we a … [Read more...]

Vatican II: The Laity Led the Way

The mystery of God’s grace ... is ... manifest 50 years after the courageous and inspired initiative of Blessed Pope John XXIII. A Catholic from the pews could honestly observe today that ...Vatican II would have left little impact on c … [Read more...]