About Colleen R. Vermeulen

Colleen R. Vermeulen, MDiv, is a facilitator in the Satellite Theological Education Program at the University of Notre Dame and adjunct instructor of theological studies at Siena Heights University. She blogs at practicalevangelization.wordpress.com and newevangelizers.com. Colleen lives with her husband and young son in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Rediscovering Preaching within the Liturgy of the Hours

For most Catholics in the United States, the terms “homily,” “sermon,” and “preaching” nearly exclusively evoke the occasion of a priest or deacon preaching as part of Mass.[1. The use of the specific terms, “homily,” “sermon,” and “preachin … [Read more...]

Vibrant Isn’t about Busy: Organizing Parish Life for Discipleship

Our parishes are busy. Many seem to be vibrant with activity. Yet activity alone is no guarantee that a parish contains discipling communities ... where relationships that allow for apprenticeship in the Christian life abound ... … [Read more...]