Steve Dawson

About Steve Dawson

Steve Dawson is the Founder and President of St. Paul Street Evangelization. Having had a powerful conversion to the Catholic faith in 2006, Steve has been active in various Catholic ministries and in leadership positions in the pro-life movement. Steve also spent time discerning religious life, spending 14 months with the Franciscans, before discerning his call to work for the Church as a layman. Steve has been featured on EWTN Television and Radio, Catholic Answers Live, Catholic Connection, Kresta in the Afternoon, Sirius Satellite Radio, and Archangel Radio, as well as in several Catholic news publications. He resides in Michigan with his wife, Maria, and four children.

The Universal Call to Evangelization

Nothing Can Disqualify You From This Urgent Mission

As we do our work at Saint Paul Street Evangelization, there are so many different evangelization-related topics to address. What exactly is evangelization? Why do we need to do it? How do we evangelize effectively? What is the Kerygma and … [Read more...]