Stephen Adubato

About Stephen Adubato

Stephen Adubato received his B.A. from Fordham University in Religious Studies and Spanish Literature, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Ethical Theology at the Immaculate Conception School of Theology at Seton Hall University. He also teaches Religion and Philosophy at Benedictine High School in New Jersey. His most recent work was presented at a theological colloquium at Benedictine College. He also blogs at Cracks in Postmodernity:

Marching Toward a “New Feminism”

The aftermath of this year’s several Women’s Marches around the country has offered me an opportunity to reflect upon the role of women, both in the country as a whole, as well as in my own daily life. I spent a great deal of time thinking b … [Read more...]

A Revolutionary Attraction

Americans have been living in an historical moment during which their existential awareness of what it means to be human has been drastically altered. Many of these changes are the consequence of a more extensive series of shifts in … [Read more...]