Rev. Romanus Cessario, OP

About Rev. Romanus Cessario, OP

Rev. Romanus Cessario, OP was ordained a priest in May 1971 in New York. He is presently a professor of systematic theology at St. John's Seminary School of Theology in Brighton, Massachusetts, an associate editor of The Thomist, Redacteur, Pierre d'angle (since 1994), general editor of the Catholic Moral Thought Series for The Catholic University of America Press (since 1995), senior editor of MAGNIFICAT (since1998), visiting professor for the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Washington, D.C., and also for the Australian campus, and East Melbourne, Victoria campus. He holds a BA (1967) and MA (1968) both in philosophy from St. Stephen's College, Dover Massachusetts, an STB (1970) and STL (1972) from the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, D.C., STD (1980), Universite de Fribourg (Switzerland), and a LHD (2010) from The Institute for the Psychological Sciences, Alexandria, Virginia. He has been an instructor for the Department of Religious Studies, Providence College, Providence, Rhode Island (1972-1976), an administrative assistant to the president, Providence College, visiting professor at the Universite de Fribourg, Switzerland (1989-1990), a professor of systematic theology for the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception (Dominican House of Studies), Washington, D.C. (1980-1995) and contributing editor (1995-1998), senior writer (1998-2000), National Catholic Register, chairman of the theological faculty, pastoral provision (1997-2006), and editor for Moral Philosophy and Moral Theology Series, Fordham University Press (1993-2010).

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