Michael Grumbine

About Michael Grumbine

Michael Grumbine is the founder of Shield of Roses International (pro-life sidewalk counseling apostolate), currently resides in Tagaytay City, Philippines, and serves in local parishes as Lector trainer, Lay Eucharistic Minister and Pre-Cana speaker. He has a BA in Liberal Arts from Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula, California, and is the father of 10 children and grandfather to 35 grandchildren. He can be reached at michaelgrumbine@gmail.com.

Honoring St. Teresa of Calcutta

This September marks 25 years since the death of St. Teresa of Calcutta. In her honor, HPR features these two poems by Michael Grumbine. Love Afire   A beggar, gaunt, was known to us, Though harshness claimed his life, He … [Read more...]