Julia Klausli, PhD

About Julia Klausli, PhD

Julia Klausli, PhD, is a research psychologist and an Assistant Professor at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences (IPS), Divine Mercy University, in Arlington, VA, where she teaches in the Masters in Psychology program and serves as a Capstone advisor. After completing her masters in Counseling Psychology and doctorate in Developmental Psychology at Columbia International University, she worked as a research associate at the University of Texas at Dallas. After completing her postdoctoral fellowship, she lived with her husband and four daughters in Stuttgart, Germany for several years, teaching research methods and cross-cultural counseling at the European School of Culture and Theology.

Perceptions of Ministry, and Facilitators and Barriers of Self-Care, Amongst Roman Catholics and Anglicans in Full-Time Ministry

The work of clergy and others serving in full-time Christian ministry is unique. They are often intimately involved in important life transitions and events, such as births, baptisms, weddings, serious illnesses, deaths, and the grieving … [Read more...]