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John L. Boyle was employed in corporate life and founded a sports teaching and coaching business, John Boyle Tennis Schools (JBTS). He currently writes and counsels under JBTS Ministries and broadcasts his own weekly radio show in Philadelphia, PA. John can be contacted at

The Importance of Recognizing Satan’s Existence

This essay is a sequel to my article, “Disbelief in the Existence of Personified Evil” in the August 2020 issue of this same publication. In that article, I explained Satan’s identity, his motives, his ways, the times in which he attacks, an … [Read more...]

Today’s Disbelief in the Existence of Personified Evil

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

In my vocation as a coach, I have regular contact with youth and young adults, and they often confide their troubles to me. I have met many who have struggled with temptation, fallen into sin, and become enslaved by sinful habits. Their … [Read more...]