Fr. Thomas C. Blessin, SJ+

About Fr. Thomas C. Blessin, SJ+

Father Thomas C. Blessin, SJ, entered the Society of Jesus in 1950 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1973. He taught Latin and English at Fordham Prep in New York City, then he was assigned to Loyola High as Assistant Principal, Dean of Discipline, and teacher of Theology. After his tenure at Loyola, he began working in retreat ministry, becoming Director of Trinity Retreat House in Pennsylvania, and later the Associate Director at a Center of Spirituality in New Jersey. During all these years, he served as Military Chaplain in the New York National Guard, retiring as Brigadier General. Father retired at Murray-Weigle Hall at Fordham University and has gone to our Lord since the time he submitted this for publication. Requiescat in Pace!

Our Act of Faith

This is what God does with us, he asks everything of us. Why does he do this?  ...he needs from us an attitude toward him that the persons of the Blessed Trinity have toward each other, and that God has toward us ... an attitude of total … [Read more...]