Fr. Robert Wild

About Fr. Robert Wild

Robert Wild was ordained a priest in Buffalo in 1967, and joined the Madonna House community founded by Catherine Doherty in 1971. He has lived a partly solitary life involved in prayer, spiritual direction, and editing many of Catherine’s books. He has also written a trilogy on her spirituality. He serves at the community’s clergy retreat center and is the postulator for Catherine’s cause.

Thomas Merton’s Spiritual Mother

“What, the great Thomas Merton had a spiritual mother? I never heard of such a thing!” True, in all the literature about Merton there is no mention of his ever having had a spiritual mother. I believe, therefore, that the topic of this art … [Read more...]

A Contribution of Madonna House to Synodality

The present article was occasioned by reading Adam DeVille’s recent book, Everything Hidden Shall Be Revealed: Ridding the Church of Abuses of Sex and Power (Angelico Press) (NIH). He sees one of the root causes of the sexual abuse scandal a … [Read more...]