Fr. James Duncan, SJ

About Fr. James Duncan, SJ

Fr. James Duncan, SJ, graduated from Seattle University in 1955, and then worked in air transport and tourism for several years in France, Switzerland, and Germany. He joined the Jesuits in Belgium, studied theology in Germany, lived at the Russian College in Rome from 1968 until 1978. He received a Licentiate in theology from the Pontifical University Gregorianum, was ordained a Byzantine Rite priest in 1972, and then earned his doctorate in Oriental Liturgy from Oriental Institute in 1980. He has taught theology in such places as Hong Kong, Moscow, Albania, and Lviv in the Ukraine, but has spent most of his life in Rome at the Gregorian and the Oriental Institute.

The Real Presence

One of the pillars of Catholic doctrine is the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. According to this doctrine, at the consecration of the bread and wine during the Mass, although the appearances remain unchanged, the bread becomes the … [Read more...]