Dr. Pat Guinan

About Dr. Pat Guinan

Dr. Pat Guinan, M.D. is President of the Catholic Physicians' Guild of Chicago, and is with the University of Illinois at Chicago, in the Department of Urology and Surgery.

After the Sex Abuse Crisis and Returning to a “Fish on Friday” Ascetism

There is a human need for discipline, which is another word for asceticism. After almost a decade (if you date the modern priest sex abuse crisis from Boston in 2002 [1. www.pbs.org/newshour/bbreligion/jan-june02/boston_3-26.html]), the … [Read more...]

Scripture’s Seamless Garment and the Foundational Life Issue

The “seamless garment argument” versus the Biblical seamless garment, and how this ties into the primacy of a defense for the unborn In 1984, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin gave a talk which was meant to be supportive of a “consistent ethic of … [Read more...]