Deacon William Smith

About Deacon William Smith

Bill Smith is a Permanent Deacon of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, assigned to Father Michael  Kennedy, S.J. Father Kennedy is the founder and Executive Director of the Jesuit Restorative Justice Initiative, which provides Ignatian retreats to the thousands of men and women incarcerated in California State Prisons. Bill holds a Doctor of Ministry degree (Preaching) from Aquinas Institute of Theology, as well as three Master's Degrees. He loves Chaplains!

Bringing the Gospel to the Troops

A Survey of American Military Homiletics

The record of preachers in uniform is a remarkable one, filled with physical bravery and moral courage in the face of internal and external pressures, ameliorated by a deep, and very personal sense of care for the ordinary combatants who … [Read more...]