David B. Wester

About David B. Wester

David B. Wester is the Frances and Peter Swenson Endowed Chair in Rangeland and Restoration Research and is a professor and research scientist at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute and the Department of Rangeland and Wildlife Sciences at Texas A&M University – Kingsville in Kingsville, Texas. His essays and poems have appeared in The Catholic Leader, The Catholic Poetry Room, Crisis Magazine, First Things, Homiletic & Pastoral Review, and The Imaginative Conservative.

On Prayer: Mine and Yours

A Reflection and a Poem

St. Luke doesn’t tell us who asked the question.[1. St. Luke 11:1.] I take that to mean that it could have been any one of Jesus’ followers that day in Judea. “Teach us to pray” — that was the question. Just as a follower follows, this disci … [Read more...]

God Isn’t Your College Professor

It’s the end of another semester. Final exams need to be marked and grades need to be assigned to a group of students anxious to learn “what they got” for the course. There’s so much in all of this that begs for the usual justification. T … [Read more...]

Reflections on Reminders in our Lives

There’s an old joke about the definition of a college professor: “Oh, that would be someone who can’t say anything just once.” Having spent 35 years at the front of classrooms at two universities, I can attest to the aptness of the descrip … [Read more...]