David Barton

About David Barton

Born in Connecticut, raised in Massachusetts, educated in New York (BA) and Washington, DC (MA); author of The Mind of the West (exploring the underpinning of Western thought processes) and Fundamentals of English Linguistics; educator in colleges in USA and Japan; founder of AcuVoice Inc. and its prize-winning approach to computerized speech; and long-time catechist in USA and Japan; Barton has maintained contact with both the academic and the business world. Stunned by the accidental death of his son Paul in 1994, Barton felt driven to explore every area of human knowledge for answers to life’s most urgent questions, an endeavor which resulted in the publication of his book Calming the Raging Storm.

Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

Ever since, in late 2005, U.S. District Judge John E. Jones ruled that the school district of Dover, Pennsylvania, could not mandate material about intelligent design in its science curriculum on evolution (declaring it unconstitutional to … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Christmas Eve

There He is, the Savior of the world Lying helplessly in a manger Warmed by the hot breath of beasts, Sobbing as the winter wind Blows across His beautiful face… Uncaring people lock Him out Of Bethlehem homes and inns, Forcing Him t … [Read more...]

Summer Poetry

But Then I Met Jesus By David Barton I sought pleasure, but pleasure didn’t satisfy. I courted riches and they impoverished me, Fame and it degraded me, Power and it corrupted me. I gave myself to charitable causes, But, despite t … [Read more...]