David Barton

About David Barton

Long time catechist, and author of a number of publications, including “Calming the Raging Storm,” David Barton tracks the Francis Thompson “Hound of Heaven” approach in his poem, “But Then I Met Jesus.”

Thoughts on Christmas Eve

There He is, the Savior of the world Lying helplessly in a manger Warmed by the hot breath of beasts, Sobbing as the winter wind Blows across His beautiful face… Uncaring people lock Him out Of Bethlehem homes and inns, Forcing Him t … [Read more...]

Summer Poetry

But Then I Met Jesus By David Barton I sought pleasure, but pleasure didn’t satisfy. I courted riches and they impoverished me, Fame and it degraded me, Power and it corrupted me. I gave myself to charitable causes, But, despite t … [Read more...]