Peter M. Collins

About Peter M. Collins

The teaching and research career of Peter M. Collins has been focused upon philosophy and education. For thirty-two years he was full-time faculty at Marquette University; he has also taught and lectured in other universities in the U.S. (including Guam), Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. In addition to traditional lay students, he has taught priests, religious, and seminarians. The author of two books, his articles and reviews have appeared in about thirty different scholarly journals published across the globe. He is currently Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for the History of Philosophy and Pedagogy in Rockville, MA.

Saint Edith Stein

Footsteps to Truth

“Whoever seeks the truth is seeking God.” – Saint Edith Stein, Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. While the general story of Edith Stein (St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross [1891–1942]) might be well known, her kind of concern for truth in all … [Read more...]