Bill Kassel

About Bill Kassel

Bill Kassel, along with being a liturgical musician, created and hosted a series of comedy programs called Kassel & Company for Ave Maria Radio, the EWTN-affiliated Catholic program producer. He also created a 90-minute special spotlighting rising artists of the independent Catholic music movement, and released an album of his own original songs, titled On This Mountain. Kassel has been a journalist, copywriter, and public relations consultant. He’s held creative staff positions with Dow Jones and McGraw-Hill, and served as marketing director for Guitar Player Magazine. He was Director of Public Affairs for Hillsdale College, and Director of Communications for the Ave Maria Foundation. He has authored articles appearing in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Newsweek, National Catholic Register, American Legion Magazine, and other publications. His novel about the family of Jesus, My Brother’s Keeper — winner of the 2018 Catholic Arts and Letters Award — is available from Saint Joseph Communications. And his essays and random rants can be found online at his blog, “The Guy in the Next Pew” (

Complain, Complain!

There Are Reasons for Poor Music at Mass

Professor Anthony Esolen, writer in residence at Thomas More College of the Liberal Arts, recently wrote an essay for the Catholic magazine Crisis in which he complained about the quality of music at Mass. He’s certainly not alone in his … [Read more...]

The Great Catholic Music Debate

“Post-Vatican Folk” vs. “Reformist Retro”

A funeral I attended recently illustrates a musical dilemma that fuels the ire of Catholics on Facebook whenever the subject of liturgy comes up. To set a tone of solemnity, two women chanted a Latin prelude as mourners entered. The … [Read more...]