Fr. Irby C. Nichols About Fr. Irby C. Nichols

Fr. Irby C. Nichols was born in 1957, two years after his elder sister, to parents who were both professors at the University of North Texas. Episcopalian by upbringing, he entered the Catholic Church under the mentorship of Fr. James McGhee and was confirmed while studying at the University of Dallas, from which he received a Masters of Humanities in 1994. He was ordained in 2001 and is a priest in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, currently serving at St. Anne Catholic Church in Albuquerque.


  1. Avatar Paddy Early says:

    It’s not possible to separate abortion from contraception and the Catholic Church sowed massive seeds of this genocide when it refused to do its duty before God in upholding Humanae Vitea😭
    The organized resistance within the Clergy and laity has resulted in the biggest genocide in human history and disastrous results for the whole world.
    The retribution on judgement is an horrendous thought😭
    We cannot be against abortion alone but must be against contraception also as it also is abortifaciant in its principles😭
    The enemy Satan has destroyed the moral fubre of the world because the Catholic Church did not do its job and has been infiltrated by very evil people👊
    So many of the Clergy at every level are weak divided and not doing their Divine Ministry👊
    We must pray for our sick diseased world corrupted with grievous immorality and full of unrrpented sins of the flesh as Our Blessed Mother predicted in Fatima🙏

  2. Avatar Plunkett O'Brien says:

    A very well argued and explained article for Catholics to understand their obligations in supporting pro life from conception to natural death

  3. Avatar Kenneth E Balaskovits says:

    Congratulations Father Nick, you are a blessing! May God Bless you in always and in all ways!