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Mr. Thomas Storck is the author of The Catholic Milieu (1987), Foundations of a Catholic Political Order (1998), Christendom and the West (2000) and numerous articles and reviews on Catholic culture and social teaching. He is a member of the editorial board of The Chesterton Review and holds an MA from St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Many of his writings can be found online at


  1. Avatar Tom McGuire says:

    Catholics know little about any of the Catholic Social Doctrine. I have asked Catholics in many settings: What is the meaning of the principle of universal destination of goods? I have yet to get a good answer. We have along way to go before we can begin to understand different ideas of justice. Keep working on helping to build understanding. Those most in need around the world desperately need Catholics to practice Catholic Social Doctrine. Zhao Ji Yong, Chinese reformer who spent years under house arrest for opposing the use of violence in Tiananman Square in 1989, said that Catholic social teaching would be good for China. How can Catholics effectively propose teaching they do not practice themselves?

  2. This article has been posted on Free Republic, and has elicited a number of comments. One of the commentors accused me of using “translation of encyclicals which differ from those at the Vatican’s web site.” I am replying here for the record. It’s true, I usually use the translations of the older encyclicals published by Paulist Press in Seven Great Encyclicals (out of print), which is an older translation sometimes differing a bit from the English translation on the Vatican website. Most of the time the difference is unimportant. But this commentor notes one point where he thinks I have distored the meaning of the encyclical. This is in Divini Redemptoris #51, where I quoted, “Now it is of the very essence of social justice to demand from each individual all that is necessary for the common good.”

    This commentor wrote, “The Vatican translation is: Now it is of the very essence of social justice to demand for each individual all that is necessary for the common good. This small error twists the statement to its opposite meaning.”

    It is true that the Vatican translation does have “for” instead of “from.” But I think this is an error in the Vatican’s translation. Here is the Latin of that sentence, taken from the Vatican website.
    “Atqui socialis iustitiae est id omne ab singulis exigere, quod ad commune bonum necessarium sit.”
    Anyone who knows Latin will see that “ab singulis” means “from each one,” not “for each one.” Therefore I maintain that the translation I used was correct.

    I am replying here because I am not registered on Free Republic and do not wish to register there.

  3. Avatar Martin B. Drew says:

    Yes most Caholics not academically educated will not have the smallest knowledge of Social Justice or of Pius xi. Studying these items is only found in a deparment of a university.


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